April 29, 2011

Must Haves #1

Smallflame, one of the lovely bloggers here gave me the idea to post 'Must Haves' here.
Not to brag, but I do know a fair bit about fashion myself, so I'll be posting about clothes and accessories currently available in the Starplaza (Well, most of it) that you must own. Kind of like... essentials.

For the first one, it's something pretty simple that most of you should already have.
It's the 'Tube Top' from Fallen Angel. It's only 4sds, and if you don't have it you are a complete failure. It's a Must Have because Stardoll usually stuffs up with some of their clothes, like some items are too small or too see through so you need something to wear underneath. It's got a sort of flattering shape on your doll, which is good. Here's how it looks on your doll;

It seems useless but it will come in handy.
Is this something you already own?
Do you use it a lot like I do?


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