April 22, 2011

An Interview with crocs7

We met crocs7 a few days ago when she came in second place for CG.
She seemed very sweet and ACTUALLY replied to my gb comment so I asked her for an Interview.
I'm pleased to say that she accepted my offer.

crocs7: Hey there :D

cnofficial: Hey, thanks for coming

crocs7: You're SO welcome! Thank you for having me!

cnofficial: So how did you feel to come so close to being covergirl?

crocs7: You know, It was absolutely surreal. Initially, I was disappointed that I fell short, and couldn’t help but to wonder how many votes away I was from winning. Even though I didn’t win, people on Stardoll were still too sweet and complimentary- It made me realize how gracious I should be for just coming in second!

cnofficial: Did you campaign or was this a total surprise?

crocs7: This was an absolute surprise. It could not have come at a more unexpected time!

cnofficial: Wow, that's pretty good to come in second without campaigning!

cnofficial: What things do you want to see in a CoverGirl and do you believe you have them?

crocs7: Haha, Thank you! Hmm, let’s see- I think first and foremost, a Covergirl should go out of her way to be nice and thank the people who put him/her in first place. Also, Stardoll is centered around fashion, so I generally think a Covergirl should have a unique style. I try my best to live by my own standards, but I, by no means, have met them to my best ability yet!

cnofficial: Do you belief marilynism, the girl who won, has these things?

crocs7: I think so! I congratulated her the day she won, and she truly seemed like a genuinely nice girl and had a gorgeous doll. I could not have asked for better competition that day!

cnofficial: Any advice for girls that hope to be covergirl?

crocs7: Of course ;D You should always stay true to YOUR style and personality- don’t try to change because you think you are not covergirl material, because I promise you, every doll on Stardoll has it in them to be the best Covergirl we will ever see!

cnofficial: Inspiring words! Thanks for your time, we wish you the best!

crocs7: You're SO welcome! Thank you again for taking the time to have me!

cnofficial: No problem!

Isn't she sweet? If you want to visit her click HERE

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