April 29, 2011

Crazy Doll

This is what happens when I'm watching Halloween Makeup Tutorials in April. XD So, this tutorial is based off a crazy doll. I like it, it's just so dramatic. :] Of course, it would be a lot better with long, curly hair, but whenever I try to change the medoll of an official Callie's Nightmare account, *someone* always changes it. -.-" So we're stuck with short hair for this.
The main factor of the outfit itself is the dress. It's from Fallen Angel, and on the very last page. I love the necklace that comes with it. :} I added Fallen Angel Fantasy Gloves, red heels, and some shorts things. I added socks from the third page of Kloz.

First, add black eyeliner. Next, add white eyeshadow fairly close to the eye itself. Add black eyeshadow right under the brow. Add mascara and white khol. I added Pink Lavender blush to the sides of the face because its really delicate looking, which is exactly what we want. I put Golden Fleece Lipstick on, then Luxe Blood Red Lipstick to the middle, making your lips look more narrow. I added lipgloss just over the Blood Red. Use beauty marks/moles to make a crack.

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