April 19, 2011

LE Makeup

This was something Smallflame asked me to do. I liked the idea, so here it is. :] It's a makeup look inspired by the new LE. It's more for people that aren't scared of standing out and are fine with their makeup colors not matching to much.

As you can see, there's nude lips and dramatic eyes and cheeks.

Let's start with the eyes. Take Thistle Down Liner, put it on and create a wing. Next, take French Vanilla Eyepencil and put it all around the eye. Put Sunset Gold EyeShadow and keep it as close to the Khol as possible. Take the Bermuda Shadestick and put it on the outer corners, all the way up to the brow. Finish it up with Artic Ice Shadestick right under the brow and Lengthening Mascara. Put Cyclamen Blush on the side of your face, starting at the corner of your mouth and going up to the temple. To create a really nude lip, put Golden Fleece Lipstick and Luxe Lipgloss on.

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