April 16, 2011

The Rose's Amaranth

The Rose's Amaranth is our Fashion Tips writer. The Rose's Amaranth is...strange, to say the least. From her picky music taste to her OCD, you'll never really understand her. She likes Symphonic Heavy Metal music, which is basicly heavy metal with a background of violins and stuff, and often Opera-like vocals. Her favorite bands/singers are Nightwish, Tarja, Epica, and Within Temptation. She loves fashion. Sure, there are styles she likes more, but she likes to think that she's decent at putting together outfits from most. On Stardoll, she's a rule breaker. She's managed to get one account deleted...and forgot the password from the other. She's being careful not to loose her current one. She has three younger brothers, and is going to get a lap dog fairly soon, hopefully this summer. She lives in a warm climate in America.

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