April 18, 2011

New LE *gasp*

Slack ass Stardoll has finally released the new LE, after waiting how many months, again?
To me, it really was a disappointment.
The fluro style colours are just a tragic nightmare, and it looks like some drunken idiot threw rainbows up all the screen.
I quite like the spiked/studded items over the candyland stuff, though they wouldn't be a major let down if they were all black and neutral colours.
I spent a good 600 or so Stardollars on this rubbish, and I suggest you don't.
It's all sold out anyway, most of it.
It's the ugliest and most disgusting LE I've ever seen to be honest, and it looks too cheap to live up to LE's expectations. It looks more like Antidote, no, not even.
LE is usually really classy, right?
& this is not.
I'll definitely be selling most of it later.

- Chanel


  1. Wait a few months before selling it, the prices will inflate and you'll get more stardollars from it. :L