April 21, 2011


ForbiddenLove is one of our Fashion Tips writers.

She dedicates much time into TC and names it her home. She loves the color purple, and eyeliner. ForbiddenLove is very picky with her style, she likes neon but isn't over the top about it, she likes a bit of edge but also trendy chic. Her main thing in life is music and friends, these two of which are things that she couldnt ever be without.

Shes very picky with almost anything and this might be because of her OCD.

Her favourite band would be either Never Shout Never, or Paramore. She thinks Miley Cyrus is a-nevermind I shouldnt say it....ForbiddenLove loves Fashion and having fun. Shes a roleplayer. She loves sports (even though shes not the best at them!) and is very willing. When someone bitches at her shes not afraid to bitch back, or be the better person and walk away. Shes not very bitchy unless you get on her bad side.

And she cant wait to rat out stardoll's crap.

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