April 21, 2011

New Hot Buys

Two new Hot Buys are out.
The 'Hot Buys Lace Tank', which was released today (The 22nd) And the 'Hot Buys Stud Jacket' which was released on the 2oth.
I actually think these Hot Buys are quite nice and functional, unlike the past few months of tragic Hot Buys.
The 'Lace Tank' is named 'Garter Tank' in the Starplaza and 'Lace Tank' in the StarBlog, but I like 'Lace Tank' better so I'll refer to that.
It looks a little bit like a corset on your Doll, which isn't a bad thing. I really like this one, and I'm sure I'll actually wear it one day. You can get it from Bisou (Now named Bonjour Bizou) for 18 Stardollars and I think it's worth every cent.
Once again, another mistake from Stardoll; The 'Stud Jacket' is named 'Leather Jkt' in the Starplaza. It's quite nice, and the spikes and badges are kind of edgy/rock and roll style, and they'd go nicely with a pair of worn jeans, some Converse and a plain singlet, if you're into the grunge thing. I'm not at all, personally, but I like this. You can get it for 18 Stardollars from Evil Panda.



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