April 22, 2011

On The Edge

I noticed that my outfits so far have all be High Fashion or girly. I wanted to do one that's good for the Stardollians that like a more edgy look. So, with the completely un-original name, "On The Edge", here it is.

I love statement peices, like this jacket. I mean, sure, I'm not a huge fan of the jacket itself, but it's easy to style with. It stands out a lot, so you don't need to put to much effort into the rest of the outfit. The jacket is the Hotbuys Leather Jacket from Evil Panda. I just have a plain Black Tank from Otto underneath and Gathered Skinny Jeans from Killah. It's completed with Laced Up MS Boots from Miss Sixty. I love these boots; especially the heel. I love heels. They make or break an outfit for me, and the higher, the better.

The makeup is actually a lot more simple than it looks. First, you put Black Liner all around the eye, not creating a wing. Put Black Eyeshadow on the lid, up into the crease, and then up to the eyebrow in one line. Put another layer on the lid and crease, and then layer the line three times. Put Black Eye Kohl around the eye, with just a little underneath. Put on Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara. Put Cashmere Rose Blush on just the sides of the face. Make nude lips with Golden Fleece Lipstick and Luxe Lipgloss.

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