April 21, 2011

Now this is the best suite I've seen in a long time!

Now in my time on stardoll I've seen some pretty good suites but this by far takes the cake.
Minds - prepare to be blown!

The owner of this amazing, gaga themed suite is Alannah-Mg and if the username sounds familiar you might know her better as the owner of the club 'BornThisWayBaby' which currently has other 13000 members.

Although she's influenced by Lady Gaga she doesn't want to completly copy her as she states in her pres;

There are alot of people on stardoll whose dolls and image 100% imitate Lady Gaga and everyone calls them original. Why?? How is completely copying her being original? You can be influenced by someone without copying them. I have been a Lady Gaga fan since before she was even famous and the reason she caught my eye in the first place was because she was not afraid to be unique, different and true to herself.

She herself has been influence by the likes of Madonna, Grace Jones and David Bowie and now I am influenced by her. But it doesn't mean I copy her. She wouldn't want you to 100% copy her, she would want you to be yourself and show the world who YOU are. Just like what she did and continues to do.

So that is what I am trying to do with my doll and even in my own life. I am being myself and showing my own creativity because I was inspired by her words.

It's suites like this that make me wonder why stardoll doesn't have a regular 'Best Suite' comp...

Oh, right - they're idiots -.-

Our best wishes to Miss Alannah!

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