April 28, 2011

Perfect Day

The Perfect Day store-face it, you either like it or you don't. I like it, but I think that it's giving more un-needed publicity to the Royal Wedding. All the royal wedding stuff is getting on my nerves. I turn on the the TV-"Watch the Royal Wedding live-starting at 5 a.m.!" I go on the computer and go on Stardoll-"Visit our new Royal Wedding store-Perfect Day!" Just SHUT UP.

As far as the store itself goes, I like it overall. They have a dramatic factor I just love, especially the purple dress featured on the store sign. My one problem with the store is the prices. They come in separate pieces, not a whole dress. That one purple dress I like costs 26 stardollars not including the gloves and hat that go with it. With the gloves and hat, it costs 40 stardollars. I find that ridiculous. I mean, who would pay 40 stardollars for a dress?

So, all in all, I think that the Perfect Day store has nice clothes, but it's overpriced and unnecessary. What do you think?

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