April 27, 2011

Lauren Conrad Style

So, I was in a city close to where I live today with my best friend, Hannah. While there, I got a book that was on my must-read list for awhile now-Lauren Conrad Style. I LOVED it. I devoured it while getting a pedicure, on the drive home, and right after we got home. I was inspired to do a Lauren Conrad Inspired look. After all-I've decided that she's my fashion icon. I loved every outfit in the book. I wasn't expecting that, to be honest. I added my own twist, obviously. The look is inspired, not attempting to copy her.

I started out with a simple pair of skinny jeans and black pumps. The Jeans are from Otto, and the shoes are from Voile. I added a loose, flowy t-shirt and layered two necklaces. The necklaces are both from Epiphany. I like the top. IT'S SO SHINY!!!!! (Yes. I am hyper. What else do you expect? I was with Hannah all day.)

Lauren said that she hates eyeshadow because she went overboard with it in middle school, piling on loads of purple. I love eyeshadow though, so why not add it in a subtle way? I took Summer Pear Eyeshadow in the inner corner and blended it out to white in the outer corner. I added black eyeliner. As far as the wing goes, she says to pretend your face is a clock. The corner of your eye is noon and the very edge of your face is 3. Aim for 1:30. On the bottom, only go halfway to make your eyes seem bigger and more almound-shaped. Add subtle blush to the sides of the face. Put Golden Fleece lipstick and Luxe Lipgloss on the lips to create a nude lip.

Do you like celebrity inspired looks? If yes, what celebrity should I base a look off of next?

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