April 21, 2011

Who says structure can't be fun?

Structure. What images does the word bring you? For me, I think of school. School and runway shows, with strong shoulders and angled cuts. These clothes prove that structure isn't always boring. If you add fun colors and prints, it can be...interesting at the very least. Today's look was inspired by structure.

I started out with the Photo Print Sweater from Miss Sixty. At first glance, you see colors-yellow, white, purple, and black. Normally one wouldn't combine these colors in a single outfit, but the sweater manages to make them all look fun and chic. It has long sleeves-which brings structure to mind. It's very low cut though, and you don't want your doll's bra showing, so I put the Crew Neck Tee from the Stardoll store on under it. It's just a plain white cropped t-shirt. Nothing special there. You could also use a White Tube Top from Basics, if you wanted to. I wore Denim Leggings from Otto with them. I like the dark wash, and how they fit like a second skin. Then I wore Purple Flats from Otto. You could also use the Steel Toed Flats from Killah with them, I just don't like the shiny metal toe. The Zest Sueeze Shopper from Fudge completes the outfit. Add jewelry, I added the Rock Necklace from Epiphany.

This look, like my LE-inspired makeup, is for people that are in no way afraid to stand out. Take White Liner and put on as much as possible, with a wing from the outer corner but not the inner. Add just a little French Vanilla Liner to the top of the wing, like a stripe, or a hat for the eyeliner. :) Put White Eyepencil all around the eye. Put Malibu Blue Shadestick over the liner's wing, like a...hat for the liner's hat. (Weird term, yes, but I don't care.) Finish off the eyes with both Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara. Put Pink Lavender Blush under the eyes. Then add White Lip Pencil. I also added Luxe Lipgloss, but you can't see it because the lipstick is white.

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