April 18, 2011

Ghost of chocolate

Well... you must be wondering who we are. We being a total of 20 people,Ghost of Chocolate thinks. We are all bitches, weird, random bitches. At least that is what Ghosty thinks.

Ghost of chocolate, is a young girl, Chocolate writes a lot. Ghost of Chocolate thinks Stardoll is not taken cared by good people, but by people that just want money! Ghost of chocolate is a young person,which has a dream (of course besides stardoll owner being broke) which is been an author. Ghost of chocolate must not reveal who she is. Ghosty tries to not eat much chocolate but its just delicious!

Ghost of Chocolate is a proud bitch, TC'er and writer! Totally depending of TC, of course. Ghost of chocolate likes Twitter and Facebook. G'Chocolate loves reading, roleplaying & writing!

Ghost of chocolate must now say farewell good bye!

Ghost of chocolate

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