April 19, 2011

The last word you'd expect has been put in the swear filter D:

When you think of the swear filter you think of the typical swear words.
But there are a few other things that have been blocked on stardoll.
Of course, you know that not all words put in the filter are swear words.
Kill, rape, lick, sex,slut, and more then three numbers next to each other have been in the filter for awhile now.
But now they block the last word you'd expect - Hate.

Are. You. Bloody. Kidding. Me.

HATE?!? I can name you kids getting harassed on stardoll with much worse words and you choose to block 'HATE'?!?

Wtheck, Callie? Whats the worst a insult a kid can make with 'hate'?

*blocks noob*

The swear code does work but you have to put it between each letter like so:

H & s h y ; a & s h y ; t & s h y ; e
[Remove spaces]

Congrats Stardoll, another idiotic idea that gets us nowhere...

1 comment:

  1. This is so fucking amazing. Screw you Stardoll.com! SCREW METTE! SCREW CALLIE! Screw fucking STAFF!

    If we want to say does words... do we have to put & s h y ; between every letter?

    Uh, why can't stardoll be any more stupid, that way, we'll need 604 passwords to log in, and the make up will be for clowns! 8l