April 16, 2011

Who Are We?

Callie's Nightmare: Who Are We?: "Well, 'We' is a total of 19 people. 10 Writers, 5 Publists, 3 Managers, and 1 Updater.To avoid getting risking our main medolls getting ban..."

Stranger is some bitch. She can be nice once you get to know her but always be carefull not to push your luck with her.

She is the Wall of Shame Assist. Manager and she's watching you. She hates scammers, is totally in love with 30 Seconds To Mars, My Chemical Romance, Muse and Neon Trees.

She will never have the same look , she changes it every day.

Don't hate on her if you ever appear on this blog, she warned you that she's watching and you'd better keep your hacking or scamming plans for yourself. If you can't follow that one rule then enjoy your Now-Hell Ex.Life .

Well, I think we all know about the hackers, those annoying people who can't make accounts of their own. Quite a while ago most of the accounts were hacked, their medolls and suites beeing changed and at some point their e-mails, but I think we all know the story. I've been hangin around in Twilight Club to find out some information and the person behind all this was a chick who wanted their account made Royality.
Anyways, the good news is that for now everything seems safe but since you can never be secure enough here's a link where you can check the safety of your password and possibly find a new one: