May 1, 2011

Must Haves #2

So I was looking in my Suite and I spotted the Knitted Beret from Bisou (Now it's called something else, but I like Bisou) and I thought to myself;
"You have to have that."
So... yeah.
It is no longer available in the Starplaza and it has become a bit of a highly sought-after rare. It also came in purple, but I like the black. I have both, and lucky me got them for 8sds (I think) from this girl in FC. But thats off subject.
Some people sell them for around 500sds which is completely ridiculous. If you search long enough, you'll find it for about 4 to 15sds.
It goes with just about everything, and it's simple enough to be called classy.
Here it is;

See? I like the black one better.


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