May 10, 2011


Lack of inspiration can cause even the best blogs to fade away into oblivion. This is what I've been suffering from recently. Today I was going through the Starplaza picking out things I really like, as I often do, and I discovered that one vest and top look really good together. I went on Neon.Gore and put a full outfit together. It seems creative and artsy, with a futuristic touch added.

The vest and top are both from Bonjour Bizou. The top is non-superstar (Yay!) and 11 stardollars. I love the color and pattern. It's just beautiful. I love the color of the vest. It's also non-superstar and costs 10 stardollars. The pants are from Miss Sixty and cost 19 stardollars. The shoes are also Bonjour Bizou, and cost 6 stardollars. I added a necklace from Epiphany to add an extra special touch.

I used Moonlight Hair Dye and Blood Red Highlights for the hair, but you could use Blood Red Hair Dye and Moonlight Highlights for a slightly different look, though I think there'd be TO much red going on. I used black eyeliner all around the eye and Cashmere Rose Eyepencil on just the top. I added Black Eye Khol to the bottom and attempted to add a thin line of it to the very top to make it look like the Cashmere Rose was encased by the black. Add Spiced Coral eyeshadow, Caramel Blush, Vintage Red Glitter Lipstick and Lipgloss.

Use Dark Purple Nail Polish and a top coat. Use whatever nail stickers you like, but I used a lace nail on the middle finger and two pearl hearts with a finger tattoo.

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