May 13, 2011

What make up must always have!

Hello Stardollians! :)
Today we have a new FASHION TIP. Which I believe is Very important. Can anyone guess what it is? I think the title (^) must give you a hint. Well today's theme, topic, about, detail; however you want to call it, is...

... What a make up must always have! If it doesn't it will look odd, trust me. I prepared this video, so you could see, more or less what it needs.
Easy things! it's all listed on the video.

• Mascara
• Blush
• Eyeliner/ pencil (white and black is the best)
• Charm
• Common sense

**Tip: Tilt your head to the left and right, then if you like it save it. Trust me, it helps.

-Ghost Of Chocolate

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  1. I'll see how I post the video... It apparently didn't post!!