May 5, 2011

Callies MeDoll

Callie.Stardoll is probably the most famous Star-doller' of them all and is supposed to be one of our fashion icons, correct? Well as you can see I wouldn't give her MeDoll an A+ in Fashionable MeDolls any time soon:

Honestly Callie, you're Stardoll Royalty and can have access to what ever makeup, clothes, accessories, ect; and THIS is the look that you choose to have? I don't have too much against it, but if you ask me, our head Stardoll icon should be way better presented than lets talk about why it looks bad, shall we? First off Callie uses just on tone of eyeshadow all over her eyelids, this is a complete fashion DONT, why? Because the over-use one the sparkles and one tone shadow really makes it quite bad. Second the lipstick is WAY too plain and doesn't complement the MeDoll in any such way. And lets not get started on that hair! Callie, you have absolutely every hairstyle choice available to you, and once again, THIS is what you choose!? Honestly I just want to slap Callie right now for this, its a bit conceded isn't it? The way she gets access to all and just throws it away, while other Stardoll civilians have nothing? Way to go Callie, just another reason why you're a nightmare for any MeDoll.

Here's a look that would work for her:

Now, I know its not the best but tbh its way better than what she has, trust me, there wasn't much to work with in her beauty parlor, plus I cant change the facial features...

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my little scoop on Callie's doll, I just REALLY felt the need to show how much of a disaster it is.


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