June 8, 2011

Young Hollywood Inspired

So, Smallflame asked for this, so here you go. :) I really like the Young Hollywood store. It's bright, its flashy, it's colorful-great for summer. I got a tank top from there. I decided to do a flashy runway-ish makeup look with colorful eyes and nude lips, but the eyes didn't end up flashy enough, so I used my favorite Luxe lipstick.

Start out with black eyeliner on your upper lash line and French Vanilla on your waterline. I put lengthening and volumizing mascara on, as always. Use Summer Pear Eyeshadow as a base. I put Tigerlily on the outer corner, Golden Sunset on the middle, and Orchid Bloom in the inner corner. Put French Vanilla eyepencil on your lower waterline. I tried to add just a touch of Bermuda shadestick on the bottom, but it doesn't really show up. Add Cashmere Rose blush around your eyes and Pink Lavender blush on your cheekbones. Add Hot Pink Glitter Lipstick and lip gloss for the lips.

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