June 15, 2011

The quest for the crown…or diamond.

You've seen them before. The members of Stardoll that are placed on a pedestal above the rest of us, yet still walk amoung us. The ones with one thing always with them, always their compainion: a diamond. Face it, we all consider Royalty Members somewhat elite. If you demied it, you'd be lieing. But really, what's the appeal?
I've been royalty before. It isn't any different than being a normal superstar, except you get into an exclusive club that isn't all that great. I remember getting really excited and thinking royalty members were actually hand-picked for their hard work and orginality before I found out it was just because I had been Superstar for a year. I hadn't minded at the time, but now I really do. I don't really want to be royalty now. I wouldn't mind it, but I wouldn't make a point of staying superstar for a year just for the diamond.
Before you envy the diamond, the mark of royalty, to much, consider this: all Stardoll wants is your money. It's yet another bribe to pick your pockets and a complete rip-off.

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