June 8, 2011

Are people really that desperate?

Have you seen the parties open for everyone recently? I'll save you the troble of going and looking by telling you what you'll see.
-Sex (lez and bi only)
-Meet your match
-One Night Stand-boys come and get me (I learned new moves. ;))
-Hot guys come! Girls will be kicked out! I'm single!
-I'm hot and single
-Hey boys I'm single
Dating and having sex on Stardoll? Really? Now, first off, I do not have any problems with people that are gay, lezbian, or bi. Love is love, no matter what gender you are. But why would you want to have sex with anyone on Stardoll? You wouldn't feel it, so you wouldn't get any pleasure out of it. IT'S POINTLESS, not to mention gross and against the rules. You could ignore it, I suppose, but if you like parties, then its hard to because some times its literally almost every party thats dating or sex related.
And dating on Stardoll...where do I start? For one, you never know whose on the other side of the screen. You could be dating some old man looking for some entertainment. Just think about it.


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  2. thats sooo true! People ARE indeed THAT desperate! Its sad ! :/