November 3, 2011

First Post!

Hello Everyone(:

I’m SUPER happy to be here writing in Sue’s blog. For me it’s almost like a dream come true to work with such a well know writer around TC. (Batman if you’re reading this, I was a silent FYE reader)

Down to the basics. Hi again, I’m Payton some of you may know me as “MickyD1130” (No it has NOTHING to do with McDonalds.) I wouldn’t say I’m the MOST known around TC but I know my share of people. J If you would like to learn more about me you can watch my video on the TC channel entitled: “Payton”.

On this Blog, I have been assigned the position of makeup. I’ve written about makeup in the other blog I wrote in which is currently inactive, however I hope to keep this blog running to my best ability. I will try my best to break down all the steps of the makeup tutorials, give you a level of difficulty and if possible, some pointers that may help you along the way. Because of my lack of makeup, I will try my best to pick TC’ers to model each blog post. (So don’t be surprised if you see your medoll) So here we go! Let’s get started!

For my first EVER blog post here, I am going to use Sue (CuzImBatman) as my model, and I am going to preform a Smokey eye look.

First step: Eye pencil

Apply a black pencil liner to the outer corners of your eyes. This will surprisingly make a big difference with the smoky eye effect.

Step 2: Eye Pencil part two

Add a white pencil liner to where you didn’t apply the black pencil. The goal of this is to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. It will help open them up, make your eyes appear larger, and make them seem more bright. (Make sure your black eye pencil is where the LASHES are, and the lashes only. You don’t want to come to far down in to the inner corner)

Step 3: Mascara

Apply black lengthening mascara, and volume mascara to both the top and the bottom lashes. Make sure to distribute the mascara evenly so you don’t look like you have more on one eye and less on the other. This will create a very sloppy, and heavy look.

Step 4: Shadowing

Now, this is when the look begins to be a little tricky. I find this part tricky; you may feel differently though, in order to make the look even we will start from the same focal point. The focal point that is most obvious, and easy to spot is the pupil. Place the brush on the pupil, and click down on it. Surprisingly, (Thanks to a stardoll glitch) shadow will appear!

Step 5: Smoky effect

In order to crate this smoky effect, you layer shadow from the focal point. Start to fan out small sections. (Remember if you mess up, there is always that handy dandy undo button). Bring some of the black shadow under the lower lash line.

Step 6: Bronzer

I used a bronzer that suited Sue’s me-doll’s skin tone. A bronzer should be 2 skin tones darker then your own. (You don’t want to look like snooki o.-) Follow along the cheekbones for a quick, fresh, natural contour.

Step 7: Lips

Unfortunately, Sue’s lip color’s are a little too flashy for this tutorial. So I’m settling for her natural lip color, and some Luxe lip gloss. However, if you have a natural lip color, go right ahead and knock yourself out.

So there you go! Have fun, and good luck!

~Payton <3

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    nice :) keep writeing on your blog its amazing!