August 30, 2011

Begging's in the air, it must be time for MSW!

I would have posted last night, but I was too busy deleting "VOTE ME MSW!" comments off my GB.

Yes, it's that joyful time once more!

This year's prizes include:

1st place -
Free Superstar membership for a whole year
iPod touch engraved with your name and MSW 2011 Winner
Instant Royalty status, 1000 Stardollars and 2000 Starcoins
Miss Stardoll World 2011 Winners Crown and Sash
Your very own Miss Stardoll World dress-up doll
Plus a wardrobe full of outfits and invitation to blog on Stardoll

2nd place -

Free Superstar membership for six months
 Instant Royalty status
 500 Stardollars
1000 Starcoins
 Crown and Sash

3rd place -

Free Superstar membership for three months
Instant Royalty status
300 Stardollars
600 Starcoins
Crown and Sash

All finalists -

500 Stardollars
500 Starcoins 
Sash and Statuette

All semi finalists -

300 Stardollars 
300 Starcoins 

Quite a few new toys there..
The one thing everyone seems to be crazy about though, is the ipod.

Yes, I admit having an ipod with my name on it would be pretty cool, but what are the odds of winning?


We already know who the winner will be - a long time royality member with 6000 sp who thinks she's better then everyone else just  because she has a poorly drawn diamond next to her username.

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